Nascent IT Employees Senate (NITES) is a dedicated organization focused on advocating for the rights and welfare of IT and ITES employees. We aim to create a fair and equitable work environment through active policy engagement, support services, and community building. By representing the interests of IT/ITES workers, NITES strives to promote fair work practices, enhance job security, and ensure that employees' voices are heard and respected. Join us in our mission to improve the professional lives of IT and ITES employees across the industry.

NITES files PIL in Supreme Court

A lot of IT/ITeS/BPO/KPO Companies in the country have initiated a drive of illegal mass termination of the employees, withholding of the salaries or illegal deduction of salaries in complete breach and violation of the directions & advisories issued by Central Government & various State Governments. The employers who are in dominant position are taking harsh decisions and unconscionable bargains with the employees. The employees are in no way responsible for the present pandemic lock down situation, but are at the receiving end. In the absence of issuance of any binding orders to the private companies, thousands of employees are losing their jobs & income daily, which will lead to an unprecedented economic situation – a situation that the country cannot afford. Salaries of several employees have also been withheld and deducted without any basis.