Nascent IT Employees Senate (NITES) is a dedicated organization focused on advocating for the rights and welfare of IT and ITES employees. We aim to create a fair and equitable work environment through active policy engagement, support services, and community building. By representing the interests of IT/ITES workers, NITES strives to promote fair work practices, enhance job security, and ensure that employees' voices are heard and respected. Join us in our mission to improve the professional lives of IT and ITES employees across the industry.

NITES Meeting with Asst. Labour Commissioner (C) Karnal, Haryana

16 June 2022: Harpreet Singh Saluja President – Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate met Shri Jaideep Yadav ji Asst. Labour Commissioner (C) Karnal. We had an important discussion over various current & intricate issues pertaining to working conditions of the employees. Also enlightened by the valuable experiences shared by Sir regarding the measures being taken for welfare of employees. We are highly thankful towards Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India for supporting us and initiating strict measures to provide justice to aggrieved employees.