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Information Technology sector employees Union working extensively for the welfare, rights, justice & empowerment of IT, BPO & KPO professionals in India. Supporting workers facing illegal terminations, layoffs, reduction in wages, forceful resignation, deduction of earned leaves, denial of Maternity Benefits & various other employment issues.

NITES submit complaint against Tata Technologies for illegal layoff of more than 800 employees

Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate – NITES is working for welfare and benefits of IT/ITES and its related sector employees. We would like to bring to your notice that we had received complaints from employees of Tata Technologies, Hinjewadi, Pune regarding illegal termination of employment to maintain the PROFITABILITY of business under COVID – 19 Pandemic. The company had earlier benched more than 400 employees has also sent employees forcefully on Leave without pay till 31 December 2020. The company has failed to pay salary of these employees for last 8 months. Because of this illegal termination initiated on 01st March 2021 now jobs of more than 800 employees is at risk. The company has violated Maharashtra state Government’s directions, rules and regulations issued on 31st March 2020 & other statutory labour laws. Nascent Information Technology Senate – NITES is highly concerned about the number of IT Employees and their families who are now at risk of survival due to this unfortunate incident. Many Employees working in the IT Industry are facing a difficult situation and are already working in fear. NITES has demanded strict action against Tata Technologies and immediately release of pending salary for the employees.

Harpreet Saluja


Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate NITES