Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate NITES

Information Technology sector employees Union working extensively for the welfare, rights, justice & empowerment of IT, BPO & KPO professionals in India. Supporting workers facing illegal terminations, layoffs, reduction in wages, forceful resignation, deduction of earned leaves, denial of Maternity Benefits & various other employment issues.

NITES success against Tata Technologies

Since 24 July 2020 Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate – NITES has been pursuing the case of illegal layoff against Tata Technologies Hinjewadi Pune. The case was pending & Tata Technologies employees received termination emails on 01 March 2021 stating 31 March 2021 as their last working day. NITES against this illegal layoff again submitted a complaint letter to the Labour commissioner office Pune on 09 March 2021. NITES along with employees also staged a protest at Tata Technologies Hinjewadi Pune office gate on 10 March 2020. After all the hard work and collective efforts of NITES & employees on 31 March 2021 the employees received email regarding withdrawal of termination process till June 2021. Some of the employees have been reinstated as well. Though this is not the complete solution to the problems of employees but surely is a big relief. It’s a ray of hope for the employees after all the efforts & hardwork we have put in against the injustice done to the employees. This is our first step towards the success and we will continue to strive hard for the reinstatement and complete backwages of the employees.
Harpreet Saluja
Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate – NITES